Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well, it's that time of year again - Minnesota State Fair time! The Fair officially starts tomorrow, and while I'm usually a first day Fair-goer, this year's forecast is calling for rain. So Josh and I have pushed back our first day outing to Friday. This is actually kind of nice because neither one of us has to work on Saturday. We can enjoy the Fair on Friday and sleep in on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing Dawes at the Leinie Lodge (8:30 pm). A Little Bit of Everything is one of my favorite songs. I'll try to get there in time to see The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra at the Bazaar (5:45 pm). I saw them on Kare11 the other day and they had a fun sound.

The next time we'll be heading off to the Fair is on Sunday for the 2012 Milk Run 5k. The race winds through part of the fair and part of the neighborhood just to the west of the Fair in Falcon Heights, MN. Betcha didn't know the fairgrounds are actually in Falcon Heights and NOT St. Paul or Roseville! The Cactus Blossoms play at 10:30 in Heritage Square and I'd like to catch that too.

Monday's trip takes us to see a new favorite artist - JD McPherson - at the Heritage Stage. A great performer and it's FREE! Josh's mom Jeanne will be joining us. Josh gave her a CD about a month ago so she could get acquainted with his music. His sound is super fun - the whole CD sounds like it was produced in the 1950s. You can check out his song North Side Girl here. He starts at 6:30 and then again at 7:45 so we may have time to check out Hairball at 8:30 at the Leinie Lodge.

The second three days of the Fair will be spent with family. Mom, Dad, and Rudi fly in next week and we'll be headed to the Fair on the second Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the Fair. We haven't decided if we're doing half days or full days, but it will be fun. Dad has already started a list of new Fair foods, which I'm excited to try (or at least catch a glimpse of - eggplant fries? PASS!).

Also new this year - a Minnesota Craft Beer booth (the old Minnesota winery booth). Not only will there be some of the area's best craft brews on tap, but there will also be free educational talks about the history of craft brewing in the state (check out the schedule at the link above).

The weather has been cooler than normal the past few weeks, which has been really nice. But don't get used to it! Hazy, hot, and humid are the buzzwords for the first few days of the Fair. Bring your t-shirts and your stretchy shorts! But not matter what, it's gonna be a good time...

"Um, ma'am, I don't think you're allowed to get in the Galactic pizzamobile..."