Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Can Do Better

2011 had a lot of ups and downs. I rang in the New Year on my couch drinking a few Yuenglings while it snowed outside. The roads were too bad to go anywhere, even in a cab. I had fun watching the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block perform while the ball dropped in Times Square. In February I thought I had found "the one who might be sticking around for awhile." And he did. Until July. I threw out my back in March and gained 15 lbs. over the next few months. I started wearing a beach cover up in the hot days of the summer. It was the only thing that fit and didn't make me feel like a beached whale. And then I was so rudely dumped and lost a few pounds. At the end of July I commiserated with a friend going through a tough time and we became great friends. We ate, we drank, we were merry. And I gained those pounds right back. In August I was able to see one of my best friends get married in wine country. Oh my was the food delicious and plentiful. In September I started my new job going between three schools every day. Each day I was able to get some new and exciting menu item from Erb&Gerb or Panera or Noodles. It was a slippery slope. I wasn't exercising and I was tired each and every day. By the middle of the month, after carrying around a 50-lb laptop for a week, I threw my back out worse than I have ever thrown it out before. This time it included incredible back spasms and sciatica. I couldn't move or even walk to the bathroom. I decided that I wasn't going to play tennis until 2012. And I gained another 5 lbs. I tried getting back into exercising in November, giving the 200-calorie burn per day a shot. I did really well for about 10 days and then relapsed. In December I was going to log at least 10 days in My Food Diary, doubling the amount that I entered in November. I made it to 7 days. I pushed really hard and added another 7 lbs to my body in December. Good winter beers, holiday treats, and superbly bad eating helped along the way. In 2011 I gained a total of 27 lbs. I am officially the largest that I've ever been in my life, eclipsing my wedding weight by 5 lbs. My jeans don't fit. I look like I could line up with Brian Urlacher and the Bear's offensive line and no one would bat an eye. Fleece pants, sports bras, and baggy sweatshirts are my life.

How did this happen? Injury? Gluttony? Laziness? Most likely all of those things. The only option now is to reverse what I've done to myself in 2011.

I can do better. And in 2012 I WILL do better. I have nothing stopping me. I've been having a few "last meals" at local places that I'm going to have to steer clear of in the next few months. I've done this before and I can do it again, but I have to be diligent and stick to the plan, even when I want nommy deliciousness like Noodles or Monkey Sundaes at Grand Old Creamery.

Josh has also decided to work on this goal with me. He joined My Food Diary and is going to stop smoking completely and stop drinking in January. I will be dry in January as well. His goal is to drop 10-15 lbs total. My goal is a little more overwhelming - 55 lbs in all of 2012. I'm sure about 10 days into this I'm going to completely balk, but that's what Josh is here for - to keep me on task even when I beg him to go on a Dairy Queen run. He's a superb cook and will be able to make healthy dinners that might actually include a vegetable or two.

On to the goals:
I'm going to play tennis in January. This was my goal before I tweaked my back in late December and I'm determined to stick to it. I'm also going to run/jog/gimp along at one 5k per month. We're all signed up to do the Polar Dash tomorrow. I just hope I don't puke. The Duluth Inline Half also awaits me in September. I'm definitely worried about this one, but will be rolling around the Metrodome for the next few months with my friend Sten. My goal is simply to finish without any major injuries. I believe that's Sten's goal too!

I know there are going to be hard times ahead. This will not be easy and every day will be a struggle. But I got myself into this mess so I'm the one that's going to have to get myself out of it.

Today I will say goodbye to the mac n cheese at the Wilde Roast Cafe. Then I will pick up my race packet for tomorrow, pick up some warm clothes (30-40 mph wind gusts, ugh!), and bid adieu to my Monkey Sundae buddy.

This evening's festivities include ringing in the new year with some friends. I think being with good friends and sharing laughs is a better way to greet the new year than singing "Step by Step" alone on my couch. 2012 will just have to be a better year - I'm not giving it any other option!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. This week started off with grand expectations. I was supposed to do 4 miles of blading at the Dome, but then it was canceled due to oil on the concourses. Boo. Ended up going to Victory 44 for a delicious meal, topped off with the best dessert ever: apple-squash crisp with squash sorbet. Tuesday and Wednesday brought no exercise and a hot dog and pizza for dinner, respectively. Tonight is a happy hour with apps and tomorrow it's ribs with Missy and Dave. Let's just call this week done with.

2. I had a substitute yesterday while I was in the building for a workshop at Park Center. I was able to watch my kids and see that they were dressed and doing a good job, even with a sub! Even more importantly, when the group of 20 PE teachers from other districts toured our building, I could proudly say that this was my class. The other teachers were impressed with Park Center and I was proud (even more so than normal) to say that I work there.

3. I will be helping to pick out a Christmas tree for the first time in six years. I think I'm *almost* in the mood. Dad has sent out the Christmas breakfast and dinner menus and they look like I'm going to gain five pounds over the three-day stint that I'll be home. I don't automatically change the station when Christmas music comes on. This is a sign that it might be a good season after all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Monday

Today is December 12th. So far I have logged six full days on My Food Diary (my goal is 10).  On 7 out of 11 days in December, I managed to drink 2+ Nalgenes of water. So far, so good!

I'm still at the same weight, but I haven't been too good on the weekends. There's just too much nommy food out there! Which means only one January, it's back to playing tennis on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights. Hopefully my back will stay in line and my cal burn will kick up a notch.

Josh and I have also set a goal of no drinking in January to see if we can shed some of the pounds that have been creeping back on due to winter reds and dark seasonal beers. Hopefully, by Jan 31 I will be a tad lighter. Not giving out any numbers, just want to be lighter than I am now.

Halfway through December, I'm feeling good about my progress. I'm making it to the gym during the week and have started my rollerblading program. Last Monday we bladed 2 miles and tonight I'm going to aim for 4 miles (10x around the inside of the Dome). They are also giving away FREE pieces of the old Dome roof tonight to the first 250 bladers. How cool is that?? Tonight I could have my very own piece of Minnesota history.

If it ever snows (mind you, I'm okay if it doesn't), I'll strap on some x-country skis with some friends and head out to the Elm Creek Park Reserve. That is one thing I'm really looking forward to - great x-country trails, great friends, and a great calorie burn!

Happy Monday all! Stick to your exercise plans this week! And keep me accountable too. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

1. My new favorite breakfast is 3/4 c Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, 1 small box of Honey Smacks, and 1/2 a banana.

2. I am ADDICTED to the new FX series American Horror Story. Addicted.

3. I wore a scarf today because I've been cold in the mornings. When I walked into the high school gym to take attendance, the first comment was, "Someone's got a hickey!" High school kids crack me up!

4. So excited to be going to Key West in February!!

5. I finally put away 5 baskets of laundry this week. There is officially no more space in my wardrobe.

6. On Monday, Sten and I went rollerblading for the first time at the Metrodome's Rollerdome. It was a lot of fun and we did 2 miles. In September we'll be doing our very first inline half marathon in Duluth!

7. Next Monday they will be giving out FREE pieces of the old Metrodome roof at Rollerdome!! I hope I get one!

8. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It reminds me of high school.

9. I'm addicted to online coupon sites like Groupon, Daily Deals, and LivingSocial.

10. I rarely wear pants in any other color than black when I'm teaching. I have about 5 pairs of black fleece pants.

11. I've started cutting back on food and exercising more this week. And all I want are cupcakes. I even want to MAKE cupcakes.

12. I am loving my new trimester 2 schedule. Hours 1-3: DAPE, hour 5: rec sports, hour 6: DAPE. It's great!

13. I've had a 6-pack of Fulton's Sweet Child of Vine in my fridge for about a month now. It's the first batch they made in bottles and I'm afraid it won't taste like it does from the tap.

14. I'm proctoring the ACT tomorrow morning. I get a whopping $103 too!

Hope you had a great Friday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless-ish Wednesday: Christmas?

I'm thinking about getting into Christmas this year. Maybe. But only if Josh gets a tree. Oh, and if there is egg nog involved... I'm already eyeing up the egg nog milkshake at Culver's. 700 calories of NOM. Ho ho ho...

Oh, and by the way, 7 days into December and I've already logged 5 days in My Food Diary. Tomorrow: I approach the scale...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jingle All The Weigh

So...November was a flop. I reached day 11 and that was probably my last day of consecutive 200-cal workouts. Nov 12 brought a football game and a night out watching a friend's band. Nov 13 was recovery from the previous day. I tried a few more times, but mostly fell flat. In the entire second half of November, I only exercised four times. Sad.

But now it's December! It's a new month and I have new goals. I've named this latest feat:

Jingle All The Weigh!

(I thought it was pretty clever, especially since the book I'm currently reading is titled The Pun Also Rises. Hardy har har!)

My goals for this month are pretty simple:
1. Drink at least 2 Nalgenes/day. This is hardest to do on the weekends.
2. Focus more on what I'm eating - portion control and calories. Weight loss is 80% what you eat.
3. Log in My Food Diary. In all of November I only logged 5 days. My goal is 10 days for December.
4. Have one "freebie" day per week. Usually this is a Friday, or it has been in the past.

December will be a short-ish month. I want to do this up until Christmas and then re-assess for January. Tennis may make a comeback after the first of the year, but we'll see... I'm getting really antsy to hit that little fuzzy yellowygreen ball.