Friday, August 12, 2011

Insomnia Friday

So it's almost 6 am on Friday and I cannot sleep. I'm not sure why I can't sleep, I just know that by planning to see a 9:20 movie this morning, I will most likely sleep right through it later...

1. My kitchen is the first room that's officially all packed up. Looks like I'll be eating out from now until August 28th, but that really is no different than my real life.

2. I'm obsessive about checking email and Facebook. They are always open on my computer.

3. Does Comcast install on Sundays? I really want to have internet/cable ready to go BEFORE I move in. Like, a week before.

4. I have a ton of fabulous friends who have already volunteered to help me move. A BIG thank you to: Josh, Jody, Jodi, Jen B., Jen L., Paula, Molly, Matt, and possibly Barbie & Rhys. You guys ROCK!

5. I'm becoming increasingly nervous/vomitational about going back to school.

6. This summer has had its ups and downs, but overall, it's been a super awesome summer. I feel like it's really lasted a long time and I'm not quite ready for it to be over.

7. I've worked out maybe three times in the last two weeks and it's only been playing tennis. I have a 5k on Sunday, Aug 28 at the State Fair and I'm starting to get worried. Not quite worried enough to actually get my butt out there and do some jogging, but worried none the less.

8. I have three overflowing bins of laundry to wash before I move.

9. I took seven bags of clothes to Goodwill this week. SEVEN.

10. I like ridiculously large undies. They're comfy.

11. There are 16 days until I move. I'll be in California for four of those days. Which brings me down to 12 days, three of which I'll be in new teacher workshops/tennis practice. So I have a total 9 days in which to pack everything, change all of my addresses, do a bazillion loads of laundry, and conquer my fear of creepy crawlies in the basement.

12. I'm worried that I won't be able to re-connect all of the cords and stuff to my electronics and that I'll have some mysterious cord leftover and my internet won't work.

13. If my internet will not work, you will be able to find me at The Muddy Pig. Wallowing.

14. My new neighborhood is the Selby-Dale section of St. Paul. It even has its own Facebook page. I lived very close to here from 2006-2008.

15. I will miss my West Side neighborhood and my West Side neighbors, but I'm excited to be back on the Hill. Cathedral Hill, that is.

16. F. Scott Fitzgerald spent a good chunk of his childhood in this area of St. Paul. He even went to school near my new place - at the intersection of Summit and Dale. There is a bronze statue of him sitting on the stairs leading up to the school. Here's a fun walking tour of F. Scott's haunts.

17. I'm still planning on seeing The Help in three hours...

18. I'm currently reading My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock. I'm increasingly apathetic about the author, but am finding that I'm very taken with Eleanor Roosevelt. What a neat lady! Will have to read more about her.

19. I never travel without my blankies. They have been to Australia, Spain, Hawaii, and all across the US. They are very well-traveled blankies.

20. I think I'm ready to go back to bed now. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Food Trucks!

Today Josh and I walked down to Kellogg Blvd. by the courthouse where five food trucks were lined up: Magic Bus Cafe, Chef Shack, 128 Mobile Cafe, Gastrotuck, and Fork in the Road. A detailed list of trucks in the Twin Cities can be found here. These trucks are part of St. Paul's Food Truck Court, which appears every Wednesday.

We looked at all of the menus and then decided to get some specialty hot dogs at the Magic Bus Cafe.

Josh totally dug the bus and it also matched his shirt. :)

I got the Magic Chili Dog and Josh got the Buffalo Springfield Dog with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, celery, and cream cheese. They were so delicious! There were also grass-fed and tofu dog options. Maybe next time...

We waited in line for the pulled pork grilled cheese at Fork in the Road, but noticed that they had run out of it. The food trucks are only parked for a few hours around lunchtime and once they run out, they run out. So, instead, we went to the Chef Shack.

We decided to try the pork tacos and the organic mini donuts. There was a nice spicy cheese sauce on the tacos and the pink cabbage made it both visually and orally interesting.

I will be gone next Wednesday for Missy's wedding and I'm bummed that I won't be able to go back to the food trucks. Teacher workshops start after that and soon I'll be back in school and unable to walk around and enjoy this summer delight. I will definitely add the Wednesday food trucks to my list of things to look forward to next summer.