Monday, January 31, 2011

I've been bad at blogging recently. I've also been bad at going to the gym/working out. In the past two weeks I've gone three times, and one time was to play league tennis so I'm not sure if that really counts. I simply have no motivation to work out. I seem to have plenty of motivation to order Dominos, drink hoppy beers, and eat at Noodles though... I've been on the cusp of the 150s for the past two weeks. Each week I state to Rudi that "this is the week I break into the 150s!" and each week I fail. 

I'm going to try and motivate myself this week. So far, so good. Ate well today AND worked out AND shoveled. Snow is Mother Nature's way of building in extra exercise to my day. Tomorrow is going to be my most challenging day: I need to elliptical at the JCC before I lifeguard or I'll be too tired and hungry afterward to have the motivation. I also need to pack a sandwich and perhaps some chippies for lifeguarding. If I have food, I'm not tempted to pick something up on the way home. 

Wednesday: must make myself go elliptical after the chiropractor. I'm not sure if this messes up what he just did, but I need to get over that three-day hump. If you do something for three days, it will stick (hopefully)!

Thursday: make-up tennis match at 98th St. Lifetime. I'll elliptical after because we're up 3-1 in the second set and I can't imagine I'm going to get much of a workout. 

Friday: supposed to be warm (35!). May finally get out to x-country ski at Fort Snelling. ...Or I will elliptical at Lifetime. 

Saturday: see how I feel. Will weigh myself in the morning. If I've dropped into the 150s, it's a rest day! Otherwise, it's the gym, brunch with Stew, and then off to get my hair done.

Keep me motivated (esp RU!!). 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm becoming more and more tempted to buy my house, even if I can't build out into the side yard. Anyone want to lend me that 2.5% down?

2. I've learned that the only way to stay sane while shoveling is to keep up with the snow. It's easier to shovel 1" at a time than it is to shovel 5".

3. This weekend I'm going to check out some cross-country ski boots and then hopefully find some trails! We've received at least 4" of new powder this week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting My Mojo Back

After my last post, it seemed like something happened. Perhaps sending my butt-kicking wish to the internet gods did the trick. Perhaps it was the box from Amazon that came in the mail. In that box there was another box - another box filled with Clif Mojo bars. And that is how I think Allison got her mojo back.

The box contained three different bars - dipped chocolate peanut, peanut butter pretzel, and mountain mix. Oddly enough, this was the variety pack that they came in and they just so happen to be my three favorite mojo bars. I got the dipped one at the Reindeer Run that Jen and I did in December. I was just grabbing protein bars left and right and happened to pick up that one. Man alive was it good! I tried the two other ones when I wandered into the protein bar aisle at Target. I was hooked. They are sweet with chocolate or raisins and salty with peanuts and pretzels. Killer. 

I had one yesterday as my snack between 7th grade PE classes and I was back in it. I proceeded to kick butt at the dentist and then work out while my glasses were being fixed. I even stuck to my diet and didn't get Noodles, even though I passed two on the way home. 

It's paid off and I've already lost a little bit of the 3 lbs I gained over break. I've decided to reward myself with Punch Pizza after I break into the 150s. I had Noodles tonight for dinner, but I worked out really hard at the gym today, adding a mile run to my typical elliptical workout. And even with the Noodles, I'm on track for -1.4 lbs/week for today's My Food Diary entry. 

I'm currently sitting in the Starbucks on Robert St. and I can tell you that I am not impressed. I miss the north woods feel of my local Caribous. The hot chocolate here isn't as good as Caribou's either. But I have $65 to blow here. The whole vibe here is weird. It's chilly. There is a couch that I'm sitting on, but it seems kind of out of place, like someone donated it. I need to find a different one bc this one is totally bumming me out. 

It doesn't help that the couple next to me is totally having some issues. She just keeps talking and he seems totally uninterested and she keeps asking him what's wrong. Then she launches into some story that she finds funny and he barely responds. And they both have their Bibles out. Totally weird.

And so goes my Friday night.... 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Slow Start

2011 is off to a slow start. I've been having trouble getting myself to the gym. I've stopped in at Noodles two too many times. I need to get back into a groove. I need a kick in the pants. I need to stop eating the chocolates that I brought home from Asher's and Bergin's. 

In other news, I introduced my 8th grade fitness fun class to Gaelic football today. They seemed to enjoy it and even watched the videos without me having to stop the video too many times bc they were talking. 

Here are the videos that I showed them:

I'm looking into purchasing an indoor Gaelic football online. It's about $16, which is much better than the original outdoor ball, which is $65.